Saturday, June 20, 2009

Time To Reflect

One thing that I love so much about teaching is that we have the summers off to reflect and renew our spirits. I love taking this time to travel…it takes me out of the “bubble” of Northern Virginia to really see what life is like in other cultures. To be disconnected from the everyday pleasures that I am so used to really makes me a better person, teacher, wife, and friend. This summer I am spending 9 weeks in Thailand doing service work and teaching 3-6 grade English through Rustic Pathways. I am living in a little village outside Udon Thani. It is very rural with very little “Western” influences, yet the people here are so warm and friendly, they really make you feel like family. I will definitely cherish this journey and be renewed when it is time to go back to work at the end of August.


  1. Good for you and congratulations, Melissa. Although I'm here in the DC area working, I'll be following your steps and adventures, living vicariously through your blog and Facebook postings.

  2. have to agree about the time for reflection and regeneration. just slowing down, thinking about my teaching, and how my pupils learn is always refreshing. i come back to school envigorated and ready to go. as the year goes on i feel the energy drain away simple tasks become demanding.
    but for now i am inspired and enthused.