Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just Getting By

It's funny how my last post was about being re-energized after my time away from work. I have been back to work a little over a month and do not feel energized. Was it all the meetings/trainings that we had at the beginning of the school year? Was it coming back to the States having only a few days off before going back to work? Was it hosting a conference at our school in the first month and all that needed to be done to make it a success? Was it agreeing to teach 3 new classes?

I think that all these factors play into the feeling of "I'm just getting by." I am not that person who likes to just get by. I am a planner...I like to plan at least a week in advance, I like to have a rough idea for the trimester of where I am going with my students, and I make to do lists CONSTANTLY!

I always say that I would never want to be an administrator, but the longer I stay in education, the more I long for administrators who remembered what it was like in their instructional days and empathize with those who are in the trenches.


  1. Melissa, I'm a planner too, and with my job, I often feel like I'm just keeping up with the day to day tasks. It's difficult for my personality some times.

  2. The demands on our time do not allow much "thinking" time or time to plan. To do those things, one must sit and ponder for awhile. I don't know about you, but I have little time to sit. Today, I am making time to do just that.

  3. dkzody, you are so right. Unless we make time in our schedules to "ponder" we never really have time to think ahead.