Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Growing Up Connected

One of my colleagues shared this article with us today.  My response to this was... I am sure similar things were said when the phone came into play...I remember my parents getting upset with me for spending so much time on the phone with my friends.

I think it all comes back to good parenting, moderation, and modeling.  We (parents, teachers, etc.) are just as connected to our Blackberry's, iPhones, Facebook, and Twitter so what kind of message are we sending?  It's very frustrating to hear people bash the tool, when the tool is not the source of the problem.

I believe that Americans in general have problems being "connected" or in the "moment."  We don't value relationships or personal interaction in our society, so why should our students?  Our job as educators and parents is to model this.  Do you think we are doing a good job at this?

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