Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Clearing a Technology Hurdle

A few weeks ago I had a teacher open her Macbook up for the first time because she found a need to use it... (we are transitioning to an all Mac platform, so teachers have PC tablets until June)

She wanted to create a video and had seen other colleagues producing great videos using iMovie; so she took on the challenge one video clip at a time! She encountered difficulties along the way, but the amazing thing is she pretty much  taught herself how to use iMovie. She would email questions and by the time I would get back to her, she had it all figured out. 

I was so proud of her accomplishment and what she had overcome...her fear of technology. I made sure that I complimented her on her achievement and this was her response...
"I am proud of myself as well!  Since I didn’t even touch a computer until my senior year of high school, I have always kind of lived in fear of them, and I finally feel like I’ve cleared some kind of technology hurdle.  I think learning iMovie might be my proudest professional achievement this year, since it does not come naturally to me.  Thanks for your help!"
Seeing the twinkle in her eyes and the excitement in her voice was priceless! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back to the Grind

I have taken a sixth month hiatus from blogging and it's time to get back in the swing of things. It's crazy how much has taken place in the last six months!

iPad research, EduCon in Philadelphia, Learning and the Brain Conference in San Francisco along with a visit to the "Mother Ship" in Cupertino, MacBook rollout to teachers and staff in the Lower School, deciding to go 1:1 iPads in grades JK thru 2, connecting with Fraser Speirs, changing our decision about iPads...(decided to go all out and now we will be 1:1 JK thru 4), applied for and awarded a grant to visit Cedars School of Excellence (more on that later), ordering and receiving 400 iPads, getting my new iPad2, 1 1/2 hour conference call with Apple about how to set up Volume Purchase Program, and two 3hour meeting sessions to set up VPP and other logistical stuff for teacher iPad rollout....WHEW, all this in addition to day to day teaching responsibilities! It's no wonder why I haven't been blogging!

Well, things are going to change...as we approach the rollout of our 1:1 iPad program I am going to document the journey. So many exciting things are going to be happening at school and I want to share with you all. So... hang on and get ready for an amazing time ahead as we embark on our iPad Journey!