Monday, November 28, 2011

iPad App Goes Viral

Book Creator has gone viral in the Lower School! Currently students in grades K-2 are all writing stories using Book Creator. I am so excited with how my teachers and students have taken to this fabulous app!

Prior to using the app, I taught a 30-45 minute guided discovery with each class.  Below is an example of a kindergarten student who created a book in about 2, 30 minute being the guided discovery that I did with his class and the other during an indoor recess time! Imagine that...students choosing to write/create during recess!

What I thought was even cooler...was how he incorporated 2 additional apps to create and edit his pictures. First, he added pictures from his camera roll. Next, he created the rainy/rainbow pictures using the CHALK_BOARD app. Then, he took screen shots of his drawings. Finally, he used the PS Express app to rotate the rainy/rainbow pictures...saved them and then inserted into his final page...pretty amazing for a kindergartener!

The icing on the cake...seeing his reaction when he shared his book to me via email and then, that was priceless! 

...have I mentioned lately just how much I LOVE what I do!

(I am sure that all the elementary teachers out there can translate his writing. For everyone else...see the captions)

Leaves come from Maple trees and Oak trees
Turkeys are not fast runners, but the skinny ones are.

Lego people are delicate.
Plants need water to grow and the sun.

Rainbows come after rainy days.

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