Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall into Reading

One of the many reasons that I love fall is that my love for reading seems to be reignited. The past two weekends I have read Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS and I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced by Nujood Ali. Both interesting and inspiring books, well worth the time to read...

In Start Something That Matters, Blake Mycoskie tells the story of TOMS, the One for One shoe company that he started. He combines lessons learned from pervious business ventures, as well as, other innovative organizations. Blake offers six steps to transform your own life or business... 
  1. Finding your story
  2. Facing your fears
  3. Being resourceful without resources
  4. Keeping it simple
  5. Building trust
  6. Incorporating giving
Start Something That Matters offers ideas, stories, and tips on how you can make positive changes in your life while pursuing what you love and are passionate about.

This is an amazing book about making a difference in the world. It left me feeling inspired about pursuing my passions for helping others.

I AM Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced is an autobiography about Nujood Ali, a young girl who lives in Yemen. She does not know her exact age because her birth was never registered anywhere. She was a typical girl - liked to dream, play outside and fought with her brothers and sisters. Her family fell on hard times and had to move to the city. At this time, a man who was three times her age approached her father and asked to marry Nujood. Her father agreed, feeling it would be better on the family since it would be one less mouth to feed. There was one condition that he had for his soon to be son-in-law...he insisted that Nujood never be "touched" until she reached puberty.

Unfortunately, this did not happen...Nujood was taken from school, married off to a complete stranger, and taken away from her family. Her husband raped her, her mother-in-law beat her and made her work all the time. Najood was miserable and cried all the time. All she wanted to do was play like all the other kids in the village her age. Reluctantly her husband took her to see her family. Sadly, Najood was not going to get any help from her family. She then worked up the courage to fight for her rights and went to the courthouse to request a divorce.

This is a powerful book about courage and human spirit. It left me feeling fortunate for the opportunities that I have had and the culture in which I was raised.

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