Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How We Rolled Out 1,000+ MBAs in 7 Days

I took a look at my blog this weekend and noticed I had not written anything since December 22! This seems like a life time ago! 

It wasn't like I didn't have anything going on...oh, just my 4th rollout in a year and a half! ;) First it was MacBooks for LS faculty in 3/2011, next iPads for LS faculty in 6/2011, then iPads for students in 9/2011, and finally MacBook Airs for LS faculty in 1/2011. 

So why another rollout...You see in a matter of about 2 1/2 months we decided that we were going to swap out our MacBooks for MacBook Airs...that would be all students, faculty, and staff...roughly 1,000 machines! 

What's even more impressive is that we accomplished the rollout in about 7 days! So, how does one accomplish this monumental task? Here is a look back at what went into the process...
  • Late November
    • Meet with Apple rep and order hardware 
    • Start drafting a timeline for the rollout
    • Inform faculty/staff/parents/students of upcoming rollout
    • Work on image 
  • Early/Late December
    • Test and finalize image
    • Send image to imaging company
    • Machines imaged over winter break
  • Early January
    • Receive hardware shipment
    • Finalize timeline/process/procedure of rollout
    • Rollout...

Plan out who is going to be on each campus.

Accept delivery and unpack all the MBAs.

That's a lot of MBAs!

Stack and count student MBAs...that would be by 5s.

Stack and count teacher MBAs.

Testting the image.

Loving the boxes.

Making sure the numbers were right.

Move 335 11" MBAs to East Campus.

Move 114 13" MBAs to East Campus.

Make plans for day 1 of roll out.

Plan what should be at each table.

Cross off each list when set up.

Last minute To Dos...

Directions for sign in table.

Post signup form...excited teachers!

Take picture of what needs to be returned and label using Skitch app.

Take picture and label  how to bundle cables without dock.

Take picture and label how to plug cables into new MBA.

Arrange and set up Sign In Table.

Set up Phase 1 Table.

Set up Phase 2 Table.

Set up Phase 3 Table.

Sign In Table in action...
 Take blue tape and Sharpie. Write your first and last name on the tape. Put tape on computer. (See picture)
 Take a Faculty/Staff 2012 Roll Out Checklist and complete the top portion. (See sample)
Take checklist, labeled MacBook, Sleeve, Power Cable, Doc and Doc Power Cable to Phase 1 Table.

Phase 2 in action...
Assign New Machine,  Name Computer
Run Quick Add 2012, Update JSS inventory

New computer bags for everyone!

Phase 3 in action...
Create account/Set account as a local admin, Login as userConfigure Outlook, Label Power Charger (staff label power charger with name)Collect completed checklist form, Cross Employee off of Master ListDirect staff to instructions for transferring data  

Things to Know Document and labels...

Clean Room

Move furniture back...AND we are done!
So...just like that you too can rollout 1,000 MacBook Airs! In all took a lot of teamwork, some creative problem solving, and amazing leadership to accomplish all that we have this year!