About Me

I am currently in my 19th year of teaching.  I have been a 3rd grade classroom teacher and currently a technology integration specialist at The Children's School in Atlanta, GA.This blog is a reflection of lessons learned in and about life both personally and professionally.

Philosophy of Education:

My philosophy of education is to provide students with the opportunity to be involved in their education by providing real-world experiences through authentic curriculum design. I believe it is important for students to become open-minded and respectful individuals who give back locally and globally.

I believe that differentiation is important for learning and learning styles. I understand that students learn best when given academic choices in an environment that is most comfortable for them. It has been my goal throughout my career to create a learning environment where learning is fun and enjoyable, as well as create an open, caring classroom for students, parents, teachers, and staff.

Throughout my career, I consistently participate in professional development. As an educator, I believe that it is so important to learn and grow both personally and professionally. In addition, during my summer breaks I enjoy traveling to developing countries to do service work, thus modeling to my students the importance of giving back. Teaching and traveling has been a way for me to express my creativity, learn about different cultures, and make a difference in society.

The views expressed in the posts and comments of this blog do not necessarily reflect my employer. They should be understood as the personal opinions of the author.